Stafford Schools

Aspire to Excel

    About Us

  • Stafford Boys High School is a private boys high school in Nakuru, Kenya offering the 8-4-4 Education System. The school began with 46 boys in 2016 after taking over from the renown BellHouse High School and quickly doubled to 105 boys in January 2017. We are currently at 125 boys and steadily growing to our target of 320 boys by 2022. We aim to keep our population low to ensure individualized attention in both the mentorship and academic programs.

    Our Vision

    To pursue excellence in all spheres of our operations

    Our mission

    Providing quality opportunity for students to exploit their star potential and acquire knowledge with utmost discipline

    Our goal

    Committed to being a premier boys high school in Kenya as a curricular and co-curricular powerhouse

    Our Core Values

    P – Performance in curricular and co-curricular activities

    R – Respect for ourselves and others

    I – Innovation (Challenge Convention & Define our Unique Identity)

    D – Diversity (Celebrate the uniqueness of every individual)

    E – Excellence in all we do 

    Our Pillars

    At Stafford, we embrace a holistic approach to the learner’s growth. Our school is therefore run and guided by the below 5 pillars:-


    We are keen on mentoring our boys to be men of integrity and purpose. The boys get to know their Maker in search for their purpose in life. In this regard, our school runs an in-house mentorship program known as Masculinity & Purpose. We bring in experts and mentors to tutor the boys on key issues affecting them on a regular basis.


    In addition to the mentorship program, we continuously teach our boys the right morals and values. The boys choose to be self-driven and to do the right thing without much follow up from their teachers. In our Guidance and Counselling department, our boys are free to talk to us about their struggles without fear of being judged or reprimanded.


    We offer a personalized learning experience where we consider the individual performance of our boys and follow up is done for the weak students. Our dedicated and qualified teachers’ team is child-friendly and approachable to ensure the boys can reach out to them if they have any questions. Cash and other rewards are available to the boys per subject to motivate them to work hard and perform to their best.


    We take pride in our ability to identify and nurture individual talents. Our aim is to be a co-curricular powerhouse as we continue to encourage our boys to pursue their God given talents. We have participated in the music festivals to the National level three years in a row. Our sports teams are also the envy of many in the County. Other talents that we develop are included in our numerous clubs. i.e. Dance club, Stafford School Band, Photography, Debate & Journalism, Mathematics & Science, Art & Design, Scouts and Wildlife clubs. Academic and fun trips are organized on a termly basis to ensure our boys get the exposure they need.


    Our trendy and classy uniform, with a business look wows everyone. Our boys have the privilege of growing their hair and have fitting uniform to ensure they wear it with pride and confidence both in and out of the school.